About Nora FitzGerald

I am a longtime editor and journalist. Since 2015, I have worked mostly in international development, largely for The World Bank, where I have worked as a blog- and script-writer, editor, and producer, traveling extensively in North Africa, West Africa, and some island states. I write about the environment, climate, ocean health, the vulnerabilities of island states, and the communities most vulnerable to climate change. I have written for Medium, The Washington Post, Politico, and Foreign Policy. I was a grantee for the Pulitzer Center On Crisis Reporting, writing about human rights, global health, and sexual minorities. Previously, I facilitated several journalist workshops in Africa and Eastern Europe. I am passionate about pro bono communications work, including projects to end female genital mutilation (FGM), in support of LGBTQI asylum seekers, and to promote HIV education. For many years, I wrote extensively about contemporary art and dance in Central and Eastern Europe.

For The World Bank, I write scripts, features, blogs, profiles, and Q&As for external and internal websites and prepare social media as well as press releases and summaries of flagship reports. I have also acted as a producer and project manager for several videos. I am a longtime journalist and trainer and was invited to train 100 journalists from 44 countries in Accra, Ghana in 2016, a highlight of my work. I have also facilitated journalist workshops in Mauritius, Russia, Senegal, and Seychelles and I have reported on the impacts of climate change on Morocco and Tunisia.

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My bylines include The Harvard Business School, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, The New York Times, Financial Times, FT Magazine, Moscow Times, ARTnews, The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, International Herald Tribune, Health Magazine, Adweek, Media Week, American Lawyer, Dancemagazine and more.

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World Internal Development Bank Awards
2023 Sustainable Development VPU Award for CFI-CF Global Knowledge Competition “Solutions to Overfishing”
2023 DE4A Infrastructure VPU Award
2017 SD VPU Award for supporting African media at the center of fisheries and climate change

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting
2014 Grantee | Learn more

The Association for Women in Communications
2010 Clarion Award | A member of the reporting team awarded the 2010 Clarion Award (sponsored by the Association for Women in Communications) for excellence in reporting. The article is titled “The Faking of the Russian Avant-Garde,” and was published in the Summer 2009 issue of Artnews.

Columbia Journalism Review
1990 Columbia Journalism Review Laurel for a piece in Connecticut Magazine examining GE’s policy toward mammograms.