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Photo Credits: Robert Capa © International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos/Grinberg Agency


When John Steinbeck went to Stalingrad

In the fall of 1947, John Steinbeck checked in at the repaired Intourist Hotel in Stalingrad with the great photographer Robert Capa: “We seemed to go on endlessly across the steppe, until at last, over a little rise, we saw Stalingrad below us and the Volga behind it.” View the gallery: The turning point in the Battle of Stalingrad

The duo was far from their aristocratic room at the elegant Metropole Hotel in Moscow where they had begun their trip.

In Stalingrad, “our windows looked out on acres of rubble, broken brick and concrete and pulverized plaster,” Steinbeck wrote, “and in the wreckage the strange dark weeds that always seem to grow in destroyed places.”


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